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G-Pad Rubber ORANGE

G-Pad Rubber ORANGE


Inspired by the tradition of Japan’s Origami technique, the I-Pad Rubber is an ultra modern, light, and practical item.

As in the art of Origami the I-Pad Rubber folds and zips up to recover its tactile form.

The micro-textured rubber is water resistant and ensures a firm, secure grip when on the move.

It is suitable for the majority of tablets, and there is also room for charger and cables.

Thanks to its cross-body strap is also usefull as a general bag for any items.

Colour :  Black // Orange
Material : Micro-textured rubber  
Measurement : 25,5 x 21 x 8 cm
Lining : Brightly coloured felt

Strap length : 45 cm

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